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Contemporary Culture

Our Sumo stops at petrol bunk on the Tirunelvely-Papanasam road. The local driver mentions it as the location of the cellphone-comedy scene starring Vadivelu, from the movie Vel. I recall it : a pretty bland scene - to be polite- from an ordinary movie - to be politer.

I was the youngest is the chock-full Sumo which contained, besides others, an octagenarian former civil servant, a retired professor of English literature and a literary critic. Every single one of them was able to recall the quoted scene without trouble

From the opening scene of Manhattan:
Isaac Davis (voice-over): To him, it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture

Target Audience

Specifically themed Western classical CDs I saw in Landmark ...

Making out toMozart
Shacking up with Chopin

Apparently there is also a Bedroom bliss with Beethoven


"...lots of dialogues are in Maharashtrian"
Overheard at Sathyam when watching Kaminey

...we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially.

Grandsire cut in alabaster...and more

I forsee an Ambedkar-style caged existence for Thiru VaLLuvar.

Was googling up his opposite number, who is coming up in Natesan Park as a compromise measure. The man who took up the modest moniker Sarvajna, immediately caught my fancy with:

" Dinner without butter milk is like a lady without shy".

Again only

Colleague- trying to sound prompt - on a call with a new phoren client, with a prospective long term relationship ahead:

We will do the analysis today only


Girl's father: One Club
Boy: One Diamond
Boy's realist counsel: One spade
Girl: Two Hearts
Girl's father: Two No tramp
Boy: Double