Sunday, August 23, 2009

Target Audience

Specifically themed Western classical CDs I saw in Landmark ...

Making out toMozart
Shacking up with Chopin

Apparently there is also a Bedroom bliss with Beethoven


  1. lol

    Check out the link I added in the updated post

  2. For 19.99$ here are other titles:
    Check her out with Tchaikovsky...
    Handel's Messiah.. Wait a second!

  3. Used to see them in Crossword over 6 yrs ago while looking to get some WCM albums. DIdnt pick any as the only way you can keep them is to throw away the sleeve :)

  4. //Handel's Messiah.//
    A remixed version for introverts: Hand's El Messiah

    Considering the post was R-rated anyway, I didn't want to leave a pun possibility on the table.

  5. Have you listened to these cinema song re-do's they play at moffusil bus stands (where conductor and driver get free food) ? No, not re-mixes - the lyrics have been replaced and set to the same tune/music by some Idiot - absolutely unbearable. Usually about luv failyuur. The landmark stuff would have the same effect on somebody well versed in WCM. Remixing and copyright violations - I am all for it, as long as it's done by people with taste. But unfortunately those ones are rarely interested in re-X ...

  6. Ah ! Haven't heard them. Sounds interesting I say. Along the lines of the ayyappA casettes: "malai malai sabarimalai" I guess.