Monday, January 14, 2013

There can't be Smoke and Mirrors without Fire

Hassar has this thing for metaphors.
It's not exactly mixing metaphors, but more like how his default mode of speaking seems to be jumping from one metaphor to another, taking a metaphor literally and swinging to the next.

And sometimes you see him compose frames that mean 'something larger'. In atleast one interview, he referred to the puddle he throws pebbles into in AnbE Sivam as என் நினைவுக் குட்டை...

Sometimes he would just scream in your face for the sake of it. Like here

That was just a no-brainer to ensure it gets across by showing how it is to be received. It had nothing more to it, other than perhaps to say I have to scream thus to get it across.

Quite unlike when he did it earlier....