Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kamal - the writer/director

A few days back I managed to catch Thevar Magan and, as is my wont whenever I watch it, started raving about it. This time I also managed to have a conversation about it with @kalyanasc on twitter. Following the principle of 'Have Blog. Will Archive", I thought I'd post it here.

Oh, the things I do for posterity!

Credit Sharing - local-flavour

I know nothing of Bharathan's works actually.I don't think his only other Tamil film (Avarampoo, which is a remake of his Malayalam film based on Padmarajan's script) reflective all the nice things I hear about him. Moreover, I am very partial to writers. Particularly to someone like Kamal who, by his own confession of things learnt from the Balachander school, has timing, pacing, stage-directions and all scribbled in the margins of his script. In particular in thEvar magan, the local nuances are so so many that I think it is impossible for an 'outsider' to get the nuances.