Saturday, June 6, 2009

ஆத்தா நான் பிரசுரம் ஆயிட்டேன்

Publication is the auction of the mind of men - Emily Dickenson
Auction 1: அமுதசுரபி ஜூன் '09


  1. Great. Congratulations!

  2. Cool, just finished reading the dead tree version.

    Based on a real life story ?

    How long did it take from submission to appearing in print ?

  3. Thank you Zero
    btw sattuputtunnu post-ai pOdAma romba paduththureenga.

    Thank you Venki

    //Cool, just finished reading the dead tree version.//

    Thank you bnb.

    //Based on a real life story ?//
    No. Apart from some inevitable strands of influence is some parts of the stories, this one is largely imagined. Namesake narrator triggers such questions eh :-)

    //How long did it take from submission to appearing in print ?//
    Print journey was short but long. adhAvadhu.. I sent it sometime last year - with stamps to return. Didn't hear back for like 4-5 months and when I asked about it, heard they hadn't received it all ! So I resent it sometime in early March and now it is in the June issue.

  4. Greaet. Congratulations.
    Neenga Sutta Pazhama, sudadha pazhama?
    (Pazham-nu mattum theriyudhu unga paal vadiyum mugathula)

  5. Thank you Raj

    //Neenga Sutta Pazhama, sudadha pazhama?//

  6. BTW, bonus points for quoting Emily Dickinson

  7. Thank You. But it is a case of "idhar aaO". I quoted the same in the very first post when I started the blog.

  8. congratulations prabhu! this is awesome! :-)
    sorry don't understand the language.. what have you written about?
    also.. is the snap a recent one?

  9. Thank You Calvin.
    The story's is in Tamil, the title roughly translates to 'making peace'.
    It is about possibilities and impossibilities of people making peace with the past, with others and with themselves.
    The snap is about a year old.

  10. interesting!
    y would you say impossibilities of making peace with the past and with oneself?
    I feel that even though coming to terms with the past and with oneself might be the most difficult of things to do.. but its still possible..
    Wht might be impossible be making peace with others..
    anyhow.. would you have an english version of the same? it would be great to read..

    FYI, you look like a kid in this snap prabhu.. ;-)

  11. Well let us say it is possible sometimes and not possible sometimes because certain events/occurrences leave an indelible stamp that cannot be wished away. In any case this is more the story of a few characters, which readers extrapolate and universalize at their own peril !

    The photo discourages the readers from taking the story seriously. I shall summarily sport a beard and rebel against nature's ploy of denying me my Nobel.

  12. Congrats Bro!! From your school days, I know you are good at story telling. But I am unable to read it here. Is there a link where I can read this story.

  13. Thanks aNNAthE !
    Unfortunately Amudhasurabhi isn't available online. I've emailed you the manuscript. The one that made it to print suffered some edits though.

  14. Just saw this. Criminal of me to not to follow your blogs. Congratulations!

  15. pr,

    Can I get to read zoomed version or readable version of this story plz :)