Friday, February 13, 2009

Good from far

We are good friends now and I really enjoy your company. I mean that and not in an all-words-fake-warmth way that is natural to that line. But just for a moment, can you it would been if things had gotten serious between us back then.

We had many things that clicked and truth be said, the freedom and flexibility I had with you, did in many ways make me whatever little I am. But I was always conscious of our dissance. For a while I thought I could like you in my own way but after a point I could not deny certain things. Like how you were always too quick and dare I say, of a rather unmanageable size for me. And I too meek and nondescript to match with you.

We ended it right and now I am only even more sure of that. Aspects of you I knew and enjoyed have changed substantially but in some inexplicable way you are the same. I wish I could say the same about myself.

Happy Valentine's Day Mumbai !


  1. awesome.. this is a love affair that's gonna last a lifetime.. :-)

  2. not "love" affair.. as u'r good friends now...but yup.. the connection's gonna last..a lifetime..

  3. Divya,

    Lifetime is a big word. 'Weekend' is more like it.

    Welcome Bala.