Searching for information on Blanche Gardin returned little. Finally found this nugget from an 2015 interview:

Gardin: In a few years we will all be living alone, because it will be unbearable living with "the other", as "otherness" will become unbearable. That is why couples break-up after three months, because we can longer deal with otherness. We are convinced we are the centre of the universe, that we are the best possible version of the human being. So living with someone becomes impossible, obviously. Even self-help books will say, "You need to love yourself before you can love others". That's bullshit. Life is the opposite of that! You first have to open to others. It's your relationship to others that define you. And then maybe you may be able to love yourself. We really have it backwards. And if we keep heading in that direction, in a few years or in a few generations, we'll all be living alone in our apartments, with mirrors for walls,......gazing at ourselves. 
Interviewer: Isn't it already the case?
Gardin: (smiles) It almost is. It is appallingly sad! That is why I need to joke about it. Or I'll walk to Brooklyn Bridge and jump right off.

கண்கள் பனித்தன.


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