Wednesday, June 6, 2018


இருவேறு உலகத்து இயற்கை திருவேறு
தெள்ளியர் ஆதல் வேறு

is one of the several kuṟaḷs where vaḷḷuvar is employs snark to great effect.
There is an almost audible sigh that of the 'learned' assuaging themselves as tirumakaḷ bypasses them.

I have read the following  kuṟaḷ as a sort of companion to the above.
இலர்பல ராகிய காரணம் நோற்பார் 
சிலர்பலர் நோலா தவர்

Standalone it is understood as 'there are many who are destitute in this world because there are only a few who commit themselves to tavam and most people don't.

That is, prosperity is wrought upon this world by the  tavam  of the few. 
There is a reading that exercises the spirituality of  tavam and reads ' tavam' as committed effort. In such interpretations, a direct link between determination (which a select few are blessed with) and its rewards, is established - without any suggestion of a cosmic order, persuaded by  tavam.

I came across an even more interesting take in T.P.Meenakshisundaram's 'Philosophy of Tiruvaḷḷuvar' which locates tavappayaṉ within tavam itself. 

Tiruvaḷḷuvar  speaks of of 'iruviṉai' or two kinds of Karmas and also the cycle of births one has to escape. There is one thing in this mystery that appeals to him and which he often refers to. The beggar and the man who has renounced, for all outward purposes are equal; both can boast of no worldly possession. But the beggar is miserable and tries to escape from poverty. But the man who has renounced is happy at his independence and freedom from worldly fetters; and then the very same poverty is his glory. But this is possible only for the chosen few and that is why they are a few, while those who do not welcome the suffering of tapas are many. That is the very reason beggars are in greater number.

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