Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal Post

"He is.."

In my opinion, there is no way to finish this sentence truthfully.
Any way to finish that sentence is a rather impolite approximation that we make do with.

Whenever I read personal blogposts - with the mandatory insincere apologies for baring oneself in the full view of the literary public - one thing that stumps me is the cold precision. "He is this...", "She did that.." so on - untreated with cynicism, exaggeration for the sake of humour etc. 'This is what I think, this is the people in my life are, these are our moments, why I did what I did etc. offered with no perceptible sense of unease that life - particularly the personal variety- is being captured in feeble words. On the contrary, one can even sense a self-assurance of having captured it reasonably well!

Either the people are all largely simple: i.e. they are seldom in awe of grand vastness of minutiae that life seems to be all about. And that they are blissfully unaware that what they have frozen in words would become ridiculous very soon - change, diminish in importance,. Or they know that well. But rather than feeling embarrassed, they acknowledge the inevitability of it, and smile indulgently upon revisit, like one does at a precocious child's writing.

I would rather believe the former.

But that means, generally most people have reasonably straight and simple opinions about others and react and relate to them in largely WYSiWYG ways. So most of what I think as 'unrealistically, simplistic, direct' dialogues and situations, in movies and novels (and proceed to question the artistic status of the makers concerned) are possibly a more reasonable reflection of the way the world works - unappetizing as it may be.

If so, then I guess this is a personal post.


  1. I enjoyed this post. EVery moment or person is a photographic judgement of a single minute reaction or action, which keeps changing like a gushing stream.

    "he is" that alone is unchanging.
    Rest cannot be captured at all. When you explain it is already gone, like the present is never present.

  2. Hi SP, long time no see. Hope all's well.

  3. Not sure whether you have come across the book "I am that" (by Nisargadhatta). He says the only reality is "I am" and anything you attach to it is impermanent. Just remembered it from your title.
    Good post, btw :)

    - ARK

  4. Thank You ARK.
    Haven't heard of the book. Googling now.