Monday, June 27, 2011

The Love Lives of Lovable Men

Courage is many things to many people. To me, it is putting in full public view that which one wrote when in college:

                                   The Love Lives of Lovable Men

‘Daschund puppies are cute’
The statement is subjective.
But those who dare refute,
Cannot share the adjective.

But hear ye! who exclusion dread,
Thus spake The Sage:
(The) only staff of life is bread
This I learnt with age

The lovable ones with hearts of gold,
Who think they are sitting pretty,
One of these days they’ve got to be told
They have His Infinite Pity.

Helplessly harbours ideas of spice
Waiting for the Moment to come.
Shocking turnouts of the roll of Dice
Lead him to the arms of rum.

The ensuing swing is drastic:
He revises long held values
Morals, he finds to be plastic
The flipside of Robert Bruce

He sees the world at an angle
A chuckle replaces his smile
                                       A novel Disentangle
As coffins of values pile.

Some put themselves in the first spot
And forever wear a frown
Other people - wiser or not
Make up and settle down

The quest for the truth is shredding of poses.
Why search far and wide when,
All great philosophies have their sources
In the love lives of loveable men.

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