Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Quotes

Owen had always thought of himself as a rational person, capable of perspective. As a schoolboy, he'd read Othello. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on. What paltry aid literature turned out to be when the feelings were yours and not others'

- Devotion a short story from the collection: You Are not a Stranger Here by Adam Haslett


Time To Stop - AK Ramanujan

There are times
going to
makes you see

pointilliste anthills,

Picasso faces on milkmen
framed in the living room

a violet shadow
all around a dead
or dying cow
and you come
back at night to see
how it looks
under the gaslight,

and after an accident,
looks remarkably
like fresh paint.

Then it’s time to stop
going to museums


  1. Aaah... "Iru Quotugal" -- how love lee, da gal tee!

  2. On an unrelated note, a critic I know (since it's fashionable these days to refer to oneself (or second person) in the third person) once tweeted,"Vellaiyan onar ondipuliyidam andre sonnaar: ooh..ooh-ooh..ooh..ooh" - appidiye kaadhula loud-a kaththina maadiri irundhadhu. Neenga thaan thamizh pullverse aachey, konjam englipiss lo explain maadi.

    PS: (You'll ROFL at this) I read an earlier "insanely funny" tweet as "Sengal nattu" and promptly presumed you were talking about some construction project...Onniyume puriyale...apparom upon second looking thaan purinjadhu that you are sayin "Senegal naattu" nu! -- yappa, Africa kum arakku kallu kum vidhya sum theriyaadhavengellam thamizh padikka oadiyaaranga doi!

  3. ooh-ooh is from the classic GM-Senthil scene in Uthamarasa, where a howl of good luck finally morphs into a funereal conch blow. Meant to coincide with Sachin's wicket last night.

  4. Ah, Kiri kettu...touch vittu...Varusham 16. Good to know Sachin's still around. (**Runs off and hides lest a willow come whooshing outta nowhere**). Some things never change. :)

    Uthamarasa, I have yet to see. Some day, I'll go find a "collected Gounds" (funny how that sounds like coffee Grounds!) DVD edition (as opposed to those Comedy Kadambams part I, II, III etc. where he's thrown in with Vivek, Vadivel and the rest (all of whom I also like, but not in the same way).

  5. Came here to commiserate with you on our shared conundrum: To eff b or not to eff b. (Yes yes matter of cousin coaxing you to come on to FB just to catch (classified vids of?) Gounds doing rounds only... Nevah! Sathya sodhanai indeed.)

    Sodhanai mel sodhanai... enna cheyyan paranyu?

  6. I LOL'd at what you wrote of MMA: "Director-ku azhagu annanukku Apple juice solludhal." So it was more of a 'meta' (Grand) narrative than 'team' work-a? (Funny how PoMo theorist Jean-François Lyotard prematurely denounced it then)