Monday, July 12, 2010

Akam 401

What she said
From yonder hills
where the buzz of the swarming bees in
unmanned orchards stave
the cows from grazing
and thus leaves the calves unfed and weak
he came on his horse .
Dark as the clouds of doomsday
silver anklet and piercing gaze.

And pray, does he know that, just as
(who wields a spear like his gaze)
In the end collects every warrior
In his battlefield
I too shall have to go
Decked in flowers?

What he said
Your place or


  1. What is AKam 401? And is this loveliness your translation of it?

    I love how this conversation coalesces into that one, from the Anna Karina clip: She, angsting over the slippage of time... He, reining in her attention to focus on his arousal (if only to momentarily allay her fears, hold her alarm in abeyance), even as they allow each other to be enveloped with the joy that's their togetherness, that moment.

  2. :-)
    This is a mock translation trying to mimick the style of AK Ramanujan's translation of the Sangam poems. Akam is Akanaanooru - which, as the name says- contains only 400 songs.

    This is kind of an attempt to make Dorothy Parker a Sangam poetess!

  3. Heyyyyyyyyy. Is it you?