Thursday, May 13, 2010

Contented Reader

Wodehouse contesting Dr.Samuel Johnson's claim that no reasonable person would write for considerations other than money:

I should imagine that even a man who compiles a railway timetable is thinking much more about what a lark it all is than of the cheque he is going to get when he turns in the completed script. Watch his eyes sparkle with an impish light as he puts a very small a against the line 4.51 arr. 6.22 knowing that the reader will not notice it and turn to the bottom of the page, where it says (a) On Saturdays only but will dash off with his suitcase and golf clubs all merry and bright, arriving in good time at the station on the afternoon of Friday. Money is the last thing that such a writer has in mind. - Wodehouse on Wodehouse

I know there are a whole lot of writers whom I have not read and perhaps never will. But the more I read Wodehouse the less I care about that.


  1. Check out the section on Wodehouse here. Haven't read the non-Jeeves+Bertie Wooster works of his much. Can't recall any work that made me laugh so hysterically. Good old Victoria Edward Mandram library (begind Regal Talkies)

  2. //Check out the section on Wodehouse here. //
    Thank You. Wodehouse was acutely aware that he will never be taken as seriously as many others who deal with weighty subjects. Somewhere he writes:

    "I am all for incest and tortured souls, but an occasional laughter never did anybody much harm"

    //Haven't read the non-Jeeves+Bertie Wooster works of his much. // Oh do try. Lord Emsworth stories are where, by his own admission, he is at his best. 'Summer Lightning', for one, is a librarian's nightmare.

  3. Gooood read..........