Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sesame Balls

A confection whose taste defies classification. Prepared once a year for grandfather's remembrance feast. It easily trumps rationality and makes a sufficient case for upholding tradition.


  1. Dhevasams trump rationality in any case :-) Yendha kaakaada namma kollu thaatha - andankaakava, sadhaa kaava ? "Sesame Balls" sounds lame somehow. Well inglees has its limitations ... Hmm this calls for a separate post altogether.

  2. Lame it is. Guilty as charged. Post soon.
    More than the translation, classifying the taste was the bigger stumper.

  3. Oh no, I didn't mean to imply that your post was lame. It's just that Yellurundai scores on the Nuch factor - the salivation starts even before the final syllable is completed. Deficiency of Inglees like I said ... This is a trivial example of what was being discussed a few posts back about how translations tend to dilute ...

  4. Got that. I meant guilty of attempting a translation which was fated to be lame.



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