Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preserve it in Colloquial

Accent is something other people have.

Kind of the same with colloquialism too. I came to realize only when I moved to Chennai that many of the bread-and-butter usages in my Tamil were local to Madurai. However certain colloquialisms seem to be chaste expressions that have lost currency in the more 'formal' language that exists today. I keep running into them very now and then. Here's the most recent one...

மொத்து a common expression for 'a good thrashing' is something I haven't heard outside Madurai.

Yesterday I was in Thiruvaathavoor. Birthplace of the poet-saint ManickavAsagar. The temple of had a sannidhi for him with one of his poems written in a plaque outside. Describes legends about SivaperumAn including the story of how he was whipped by a Pandiyan King.

பண்சுமந்த பாடற் பரிசு படைத்தருளும்
பெண்சுமந்த பாகத்தன் பெம்மான் பெருந்துறையான்
விண்சுமந்த கீர்த்தி வியன்மண்ட லத்தீசன்
கண்சுமந்த நெற்றிக் கடவுள் கலிமதுரை
மண்சுமந்து கூலிகொண் டக்கோவால் மொத்துண்டு
புண்சுமந்த திருமேனி பாடுதும்காண் அம்மானாய்


  1. Hmm, Classic Slang, wait, just proper Tamizh.

    I might have visited this temple without knowing the significance during my Madurai days. So just to confirm, directions please. thx.

  2. Madurai Melur Rooad
    Turn Right at Oththakkadai
    Around 15 km to Thirumogur (kALamEgapperumAL and his more famous underling SakkarathAzhvaar)
    Further down the same road a few more km to Thiruvathavur