Friday, July 31, 2009

Minister flicks mobilephone

I mean you, must grant the old man his due for the sheer ingenuity of it. I have decided to take his side and build up the plausibilty of the accusation, which detractors may feel is on the weaker side.

So here I go:

He has his stuff in sackful but a little more is always helpful - PG Wodehouse


  1. The list of political tricks seems be very limited with some cultural variations - but the basics remain the same. But stealing phones - this is a little bit like 2nd class stuff by our standards. This incident makes me wonder if Mugabe is being taken too seriously by the West, hmm maybe he would have gotten the usual African treatment had there not been any whites left in Zimbabwe.

  2. Post Land 'redistribution' initiative- Britain has been active in displacing Mugabe and promoting Tsvangirai. The wide impression is that the old man is out. But he seems to be clawing his way back.

    Regarding the trick, the sheer absurdity of the charge is hilarious. And btw that is the pic of the model in question - 2310 !