Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discomfiting Bliss

Weekend + Car + Ilayaraja + Manickavasagar


  1. onc, let me guess, familiar with the situation but not the song eh ? A kind of "same pinch"

    Venki, I used to have a favourite in that album. Nowadays I am not sure at all. Except umbargatkarasE every single one is felling. Yesterday it was poovEru kOnum, despite Bhavatharini. Even her voice was lovely in that song - a little offkey-ness doesn't hurt when the song is that good.

    கண்ணப்பன் ஒப்பதோர் அன்பின்மை கண்டபின்
    என்னப்பன் என்னொப்பில் என்னை[b]யும்[/b] ஆட்கொண்டருளி

    The brevity of that "um" above defied an evening's worth of attempted translation.

  2. Ahn - idha pathi ellam eppo ezhudhuveengannu dhaan wait paNNikittiurndhen..good good!

  3. As I prepared to submit that comment, word verification was "bed in", which is strangely apt !

  4. Raj, I've written about this earlier elsewhere too. Being Auragazeb's cousin when it comes to nuanced music appreciation I am ill-equipped to pronounce weighty statements about music. But a blog is exactly about having one's space to do write without worrying about locus standi. So I will: ThiruvAsagam is ILayarAjA's greatest creation ever. I would have remained impervious to the charms of Manikavasagar till IR came along and teased out the vulnerability.

    நானார்என் உள்ளமார் ஞானங்களார்
    என்னை யாரறிவார்
    வானோர் பிரான்என்னை ஆண்டிலனேல்

  5. dagalti,
    nice blog....i'm a silent reader most of the time.

    Check this one too.

  6. ttm:
    You are a silent writer as well of late :-) When is the pudhu blog launchu ? Eagerly waiting for the archivist to return.

    The last quote from M.Vasagar shows a common strain in the writings of sages writing in tamil. A very harmonious blend of vedantic ideas and bhakti which I humbly submit is vastly superior to the the compatible literature in Sanskrit. Popularising the works of saints and sages like IR has done is total virgin territory with enormous potential (why do I sound like a manager today morning?). I can't think of anything of a better combo than ArunaGiriyar and Rap :-)

  7. Thank you ttm. I remember you posting the link to that site in bnb's blog some time back. Started reading it and then trailed off.

    The blog needs to start now, else you will be sent a show cause notice for your inappropriate moniker.

    bnb, haven't read much Sanskrit (as if I have read much Tamil to start with) to agree or disagree, but the bhakthi is just flooring. Without IR it is highly unlikely that I would have been touched by the lines. Cynical times we live in and all that. When releasing the latest edition of our friend Jagathratchagan's Divya Prabhandam urai, IR announced he'd be attending to it next.

    // I can't think of anything of a better combo than ArunaGiriyar and Rap :-)//
    :D Most certainly. Apparently he was called ஓசைமுனி because of the instrinsic rhythm in his poems. But I must admit I have found it inaccessible most of the times precisely because of the way the words are fused and split to fit the rhythm. Needs a lot of practice I guess.

  8. ஓசைமுனி - Lol and kind of true - Muruga Bhakthars are prob one of the more demonstrative and noisy ones ...