Monday, March 23, 2009

Say something

'Plain quoters are a dozen a dime
So add your take don't lay it bare'
'About a craftsman in his prime
An explanation I shall dare
When it's a True Artist I'm

Contended just to gape and stare
Perhaps write a doodling rhyme

And just proceed to humbly share'

From 'Chicago Zen' by AKR

Watch your step, watch it, I say,
especially at the first high

and the sudden low
one near the end
of the flight

of stairs,

and watch
for the last
step that's never there.


  1. whoa! great one. Whats there to say, when the poetry holds so much meaning to relate to every elevation or downtrodden phase in life.

  2. //and watch
    for the last
    step that's never there. //


  3. Thanks for dropping by SP !

    The entire poem can be found here