Thursday, March 5, 2009


Baldrick: I heard that it ( World War I) started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich 'cause he was hungry.
Edmund Blackadder: I think you mean it started when the Archduke of Austro-Hungary got shot.
Baldrick: Nah, there was definitely an ostrich involved, sir

DAE: You don't not exist in vaccuum. Reactions to the world and its realities are expected from you. You can't just keep talking about yourself and expect people to be interested.
Me:I see that...but the problem with opinions is one things leads to another .... I stick to stuff that interests me
DAE: Cricket interests you and yet there was not a word about the attack on cricketers in Lahore...
Me: ...There is carpet bombing and mass murder happening next door as we speak, it would be inconsistent and absurd to make noise about this minor hassle
DAE: Okay if that disturbs you so much why don't you write about it ?
Me: Wall perching is better when you don't know enough about the facts
DAE: Then why don't you get to know the facts ?
Me: The more I know the more intellectually paralyzed it leaves me. Shades of grey on either side and all that.....
DAE: Do you wait to understand the physics of the universe when you want to cross the road ?
Me: Well....I actually don't want to cross the road...I want to wish the road away....think of pastures instead
DAE: This is disgusting
Me: The world is not black and white, you know
DAE: Oh shut up !.....just insert an escapist quote and we'll end this bleeping conversation.
Me: "Let us leave indiscriminate killing and injuring to the Government--to its Statesmen, its Stockbrokers, its Officers, and its Law." - L.S.Bevington


  1. Smiling. The heat doesn't allow for prettier verse so I shall give in and say that I relate to this post immensely.

  2. Being asked to prove my 'human-ness', for comment purposes of course, by typing 'traratat' feels vaguely de'mean'ing. Funny though.

  3. O-n-c, yesterday I ran into something more demeaning: discrimination against the arithmetically challenged. I was asked to type in what 4 + 0 was if I wanted the world to know my opinion. So you can thank me for small mercies.

    Sometimes I rebel against this repression by faking my mother's maiden name and thus pretend to have threatened the system into submission.

    It: Mother's maiden name ?
    Me: Kalashnikov

  4. Hi Prabhu, I am somehow managed to land in here finally :)

  5. Welcome Roshan.

    How topical that you should land on this post !

  6. :)

    I again had problems with posting comments :evil: Annaikku post paNNathukku appuRam maRupadiyum ippOthAn mudinchuthu.I dont know why.

    Anyway, intha topic'la thodarnthu neenga ethuvum ezhuthalaiyaa ? :mrgreen:

  7. //Anyway, intha topic'la thodarnthu neenga ethuvum ezhuthalaiyaa ? :mrgreen://

    I now read about multiple news items about the war: SL-govt angle, Tigers-angle, Tigers-are-bad-but-innocent-Tamils-are-getting-killed angle, all-this-happens-in-every-war-tch-tch angle. Finally leaving me in a state of paralysis leaning towards the last angle which is quite inexcusably disgusting.