Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Consumption Vector

Don't think of it as dumbing it down. That is condescending and incorrect. But when you can snip out aspects of your personality which are not as essential as you would like to think they are, then you - and I mean everyone - would be more accessible and categorizable.

But isn't it all about growing in all possible directions and realizing all that we can.

Most welcome sir. But for your own good, keep the dichotomy between "what you are" and "what you do" clear. As in "You like flowers" vs. "you are a flower liker". To expect "like like same same"s is to inflate your liking for flowers. You don't like them that much really.

Confusing causal cycles there but worth trying. But it's going to be tough.Particularly with others, what they do is what they are. They are either that or not. Poetic appreciation for instance. Let me use a lovely phrase from நற்றிணை for example.வினை முடித்தன்ன இனியோள். Roughly translates to "she who is as sweet as the feeling of accomplishment". Flooring huh ! And that's over 1500 years old. Yes we overdo our similies but one such as is sufficient to suffer a bookful of bad ones. This is just hit or miss - no pun intended. What do you say ?

I say that a man reading ancient poetry, will find a way to work it into conversation.

Awkward silence followed... broken by the observation "This is one good weather city"

"Free one too. A two-wheeler rider can wear a World War I soldier's hard hat and rexin earflaps and pass it of as a helmet. "

"Well who's going to arrest him for that ? The policeman on the leopard-spot style motorcycle ?"
Smiles around..

"It's a good city to be young in"
"Indeed it is.... now, is age something you are or something you do ?"


  1. Does a recent travel by any chance have bearing on this post?

  2. Travel dwarfs the cubicle and nearly deludes the integral cog into thinking he has other identities as shaped by opinions.

    That and the fact that the man who has recently travelled will find a way to work that into the conversation.