Monday, February 2, 2009

Letchumibadhee !

Srikkanth finally does what he was hired for.
Balaji back in the team.

Jokes apart, he had an awesome Ranji season, leading TN's charge . The team itself had a good run and would have made it to the final (to lose to Mumbai of course), had it not been for the infernal first innings lead rule - which in this writer's opinion should be taken out and shot - that awarded UP the semifinal, because a blighter made a virtue of longevity and camped in the middle for a week or so.

It is unfortunate that during the the partisan days the sceptre only that far south to Gundappa Viswanath and no further. Watching Sujith Somasunder open for India gave me hope in life, in those days when I worked the sheen off the rubber ball with what the embellishing racounter in me describes as a "many a glorious square drive", saying to myself "mEra number aayEga". These days there seem to overbalance as Badri waits in the sidelines as Srikkanth seems intent on making another Badani out of him. Balaji's 5-wickets-in-a-session burst that blew away Bengal in the QF should have been sufficient reason to walk into the team weeks back. Anyway, let's see the man get a couple of big hauls this year and play till WC 2011 or at the least, win a Padmashri or two.

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