Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Groan up

For some reason people classify puns under jokes when it quite obviously classifies under poetry. Among the several purposes of this blog is to right that wrong.

A carpenter known for his innovations also used to moonlight as a deer hunter. Once he lurked in the dark and after a hard struggle proved to be an ace marksman and killed a poor dear. Famished he settled down on an instant barbecue and as soon as he finished the meal he lost his eyesight.That day he discovered venison blinds


  1. Hi. Discovered this blog through your comments on one of my friend's blogs. Thanks for providing delightful variations to afternoons spent in raiding

  2. Welcome o-n-c !
    I shall aim to ably compete.

  3. Love your me-shun of writing the wrongs, Saar! Keep going. :-)

    Stephen King in his memoir "On Writing" uses carpentry as a perfect metaphor for (the craft of) writing. These 10 rules of the trade are no different, IMO.