Saturday, February 28, 2009

___ Grammer of Good Times

The airlines announcer can't say this the last boarding call, when it quite clearly is not. She can't say this is a final boarding call - which, while being the most honest thing to say is unlikely to achieve a thing. So the poor dear says: "this is final boarding call...".

And you thought Indians were just careless with prepositions !


  1. I'm ignorant about the correct usage of prepositions.

  2. vada indiya thollai thaala mudiyala :evil:

    (Regurgitating old stuff, kindly excuse)

    This has been happening since the last four years

    It's not that ki all of them are like that

    India got out of the tournament in the first match only

    The Roman alphabet was written with Indhi in mind. It's always Amit, not Amith. yenna 'h' woofer 'vowel'-aamaam
    [I get my revenge thinking of the Kshitij's, Rakshit's working in U.S/U.K lol ]

    Indhi araajagam ozhiga

    Ah, feeling better now, setha thevala

  3. ^ "..working in U.S/U.K lol" ('the' missing)
    Ennayum kolakaaranakkiteengaleda....

  4. Welcome muppet.

    //It's not that ki all of them are like that// lol

    One other trait compulsive 'mathlab' interspersing in a failed attempt to make the conversation more meaningful.

    'Only' requires a separate essay.

    "Now only you came-A ?" , while being a linguistic curiosity in itself is on a whole new plane in terms of pardonability than the monstrosity you quote. That is because in the former case it is a question of words being twisted to local syntax. But in the case of "first match only" it is a clear case of violating the dignity of the relationship between a word and their meaning.