Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Fish

Often I feel like the girl in "If Tomorrow Comes" who plays chess with the American and Russian.

To the technical guys I am the business guy
To the business guys I am the technical guy
I speak of Tamil literature to 'English medium' friends
Moffusil politics to Chennaites
I'm the conservative's liberal and liberal's conservative

All that, I assure you -not in a show-offy manner. But in a simple what-can-I-bring-to-this-table contributory way.

I could be the only screenwriter who plays the oboe
- Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation

But what's impressive about the iceberg is that we assume there's more from where it came from. We know we only see a part of its monstrous size and rest is below the water. The difference is, the knowledgable man doesn't sync enough. To be judgemental on this is being unrealistic.

Biting off more than you can chew is a virtue in Tamil culture. So it took me some alienation to appreciate the wisdom in..

I'm always amazed at people who want to understand the universe, when it's hard enough to just find your way around Chinatown. -- Woody Allen

Learned and ignorant aren't binary but more a question of degree. But knowing that makes the threshold for 'opening up' undesirably lower. How to say you know that not in the regular way but in a 'deeper way'. For instance, I could expand on that sentence with some fancy mathematics and get an epistemology publication.

But wanting to write that paper is not exactly wanting to have written that paper...ay there's the rub !

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