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EXT - DAY (Kinda)

I was watching Sabapathy (1941) for the umpteenth time yesterday.

Much is made of Bharathiraja getting films out of studios - the veracity in that claim is perhaps a tad less wholesome than the conviction in it - but, precious little is made of who confined it indoors in the first place.

With every movie one watches from the early eras of TFI, one only gets surer about a nuanced film-aesthetic dropped in favour of a -how does one put it- a rather loquacious alternative.

But then, possibly, what we get to see on TV today is a positive-select of the best ones of the era. And to that extent we aren't exposed to the 'average aesthetic' of the day enough to come to a reasonable understanding to make a comparison. But what are blogs for, if not to shoot from the hip.