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Linguistic Suicide

Quaint stories are indeed pretty
But with them you only get so far
Just for a moment stop being witty
And write a story that's rated R

Regular readers of this blog would know that my sentiments towards the Hindi language aren't exactly what one would call 'fond'.Gobind Ballab Pant shakes his head in disgust. And it took some explaining (to myself too) to establish that it was only socio political and nothing purely linguistic.But of late I have been trying to question these things about my 'beliefs'. I try to sift out some which were perhaps not quite true but just forceful self-reiterations (please do not try this at home).

And so the pure linguistic question came up and I was sifting through memories to see what went wrong between Hindi and me. I never believed in this 'relative ease of learning' that is widely touted as Hindi's usp. For instance, you have to know the words for the numbers from 1 to 100 in order to know the words for the numbers from 1…

NammAzhwAr, Javed Akthar and your humble blogger

I have this intense need to understand words in songs. As none of you knows the real reason, I can dramatize a flashback: My foray into learning singing was cut short when my teacher wouldn't accede to my demand for explaining the lyric: pilachinapalukavunalukakurA.

Cut to today. I have been quite taken by Amit Trivedi's latest song : Iktara
And to iron out the niggle of not being able to enjoy the song fully I googled up lyric translations done for the benefit of the Hindilliterate rest of us in We, the nation. The word manvA personifying 'mann' at the head of the song was quite interesting. Not sure if that is something Javed Akthar cooked up or it is a prevalent usage - it ties into the beckoning I am familiar with (in a not so previous jenmam I used to respond to PrabhuA).

Interesting particularly because it is a personification that used to exist in poems in Tamil.
In the very first poem of the thiruvAimozhi, nammAzhwAr's last line reads:

துயரறு சுடரடி தொழுது எழு எ…

Persistent Random Blogbrowsing

Image not a good thing.

Anyway, to twist a Gounderquote:

பிச்சைக்காரனுக்கு insecurity பிச்சைக்காரனே