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Blogging from Cloud Nine

As always I borrow a better's words...

(கல்லூரியில் படிக்கும்பொழுதே) எழுத்தாளன் ஆவேன் என்று தெரியும் என்று சொல்லி ஜல்லியடிக்க விரும்பவில்லை. எனக்கு அப்போதெல்லாம் ஒரே கனவு தான். இந்திய அணியில் நான் கிரிக்கெட் விளையாடுவது போலவும். அது தொடர்பாக வைஜெயந்திமாலா வந்து என்னை சந்திப்பது போலவும் - சுஜாதா

Metaphor Glossary

சந்திப்பு - கடிதம்


Lavanya (never new you blogged) passed on a Kreative blogger award to me

I would thank her being very perceptive but then I read the clauses and found I had got tagged. I duck tags and would on any given day have ducked "Seven things I love".

But I decided not to flatter myself as if I was actually some bitter cynic. I didn't quite like the fact that it took some time for me to come up with this:1) Idyll. A few weeks back, a friend of mine wakes me up from a Sunday-afternoon slumber. We head to the Loyola grounds just like that with the sun beating down on us heavily. Settle on the sidelines to watch a schoolmatch, applauding the occasional wicket and generally making wisecracks. We used to do that nearly ten years ago. A lot has changed since then but I can easily delve and enjoy the illusion that nothing has changed. No need to know or do. Just be. And denying that time moves.

2) Long walks in unfamiliar cities...actually in familiar cities too. Just one turn to an unfami…

I envy your neurosis

Don't despair even over the fact that you do not despair - Franz Kafka

I have had my share of encounters with evangelists. Spooky uncomfortable ones, hilariously silly ones, engrossingly earnest ones. But there was one which got me thinking. It was in LA in the street where the Kodak theatre is. Christmas time shops decked, its all sale mood. There is Scientology church there and there were bunch of relatively young guys sitting with some tomes of Ron Hubbard spread on a table. They had a contraption that measured the pulse as we answered questions.

As I was chronically jobless that evening I thought I'd give the guy a chance. He was asking a bunch of questions in the general direction of :"what are you missing in your life ?", what do you think you have it in you to reach out to but can't, how do you feel about living a life of non-greatness etc. While I understood the direction was to finally sell "the book would fill the hole in your life", I tried to …